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Welcome To Mahoosuc Woodworks, LLC.

Mahoosuc Woodworks, LLC is a premier provider of 3, 4 and  5-axis CNC wood routing and machining services. We specialize in precision shaping and milling of custom wooden parts including component wooden furniture parts and specialty wood products. We take pride in focusing on the unique needs of each customer to provide a positive working environment for both large and small scale production.

Wooden Furniture Parts

Mahoosuc Woodworks uses a CMS 5-axis CNC production wood router to machine high end custom wooden furniture parts to exacting customer specifications. We specialize in chair seat machining from solid wood panels in a variety of styles ranging from antique reproduction seats to traditional and contemporary styles. We offer design development and engineering assistance throughout a project to ensure all custom wooden furniture parts are meticulously produced for seamless integration in your final product.  Our CNC operations are complimented by wide range of secondary processes including:

straight line ripping, planing, abrasive planing, edge and face laminations, chair saddle scooping, saddle sanding and finish sanding.

Custom Wood Routing

Mahoosuc Woodworks offers tight-tolerance 5-axis CNC routing and machining services to create precision machined custom wooden parts to our customers specifications. Our advanced high-speed 5-axis CNC production router provides flexibility in machining operations, reducing the number of part setups and increasing production speed, accuracy and repeatability. Our machining operations are performed by lean-minded CNC machining specialists whose extensive wood materials and process knowledge ensures superior results. We offer design and engineering services throughout the production cycle and can develop your part from simple drawings, CAD models or sample parts. We aim to establish a positive working relationship with our customers and provide outstanding service.
Custom Furniture Parts
Fully Shaped Chair Seats
Wooden Heart Box
Custom Wooden Boxes

Industries Served

We proudly provide CNC machining services to the following industries:

  • Master cabinetmakers

  • Large and Small Furniture Producers

  • Independent Woodworkers

  • Manufacturers of wooden products

  • Professional Artisans